Why we don't like Sarkozy, in english.

I've been surprised by the support our president seems to get from many english people - so I want to try to explain why in France, many (me included) strongly dislike him (to say the least).

So, just a list of links, sorted by theme, for those with interest. I'll add a few when I will remember a few more of all those stories that made me emigrate...

French German relationship

Better than ever...

(1, 2, 3)

Media control

Sarkozy to appoint head of french TV

Sarkozy before an interview, asks the questions he would like to have 

Is the lift of ads on public owned TV a move in favour of private ones?

Propaganda & Image manipulation

Screenshot taken a few months before the elections. (every link is covering a different subject though)

Where noone should be taller than the president

Guy Moquets letter to be read in lycees

Separation between justice and state 

Sarkozy Accused of Interference After Police Chief Fired

Nicolas Sarkozy accused of 'takeover' of judiciary

Corsican life term upheld in sensitive murder trial


Children should be able to chose the school they want to go to

Unis should compete (This also affects research


Where we sell weapons and nuclear material to a guy who bombed french planes, never regretted it, and said he thinks terrorism is not always a bad idea
Sarkozy goes to Brazil to sell Rafales
Where the champs elyzées become a big supermarket


It seems laicity needs to "evolve"


France helps tchad government to stay in power (Remember: Tchad is an ex-french colony, and Idryss Deby took power there by force 20 years ago)

Did France intervene in Gabon's elections?

State monitoring

Tag a wall, get your DNA taken
Paris to quadruple CCTVs
The school-database  (in french this one, sorry)France passes controversial antipiracy bill (this actually also goes into blocking websites on a secret blacklist) 


Sarkozy goes on holidays on "friend's yacht":
Same story here, this time with a Microsoft executive
Obertur to make french passports (against french law - sorry only in french)


The first scooter the police ever found back
Magazine retouches Sarkozy photo
Sarkozy is supportive from George W Bush
Very effective police, part 2
Sarkozy to get a 140% payrise



Haha! I love your rants. You sound funny when you're grumpy and criticise your country/president. I wish I could do the same about Spain and Zapatero but then I think what the situation used to be with our former president Aznar (Bush's best buffoon -how can you become the buffoon of a clown? Aznar did it...) and what the alternative would be at the moment and I get really depressed... May I contribute a bit to your post?


Posted by RafaMJ on September 20, 2009 at 08:01 AM GMT+00:00 #

Hi Rafa :) Me, grumpy about politics? Never :) I should do like everyone and just ignore them maybe...

Thanks for your links :) They help to understand what kind of guy sarkozy is, although not directly related to his politics :P

Posted by Yann on September 21, 2009 at 11:09 PM GMT+00:00 #

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