Gradually leaving google

I am unhappy about google Buzz who decided to automatically create a list of people I will be following in Buzz. I am unhappy that I was subscribed automatically to buzz via gmail although it's a service I never wanted. I am unhappy that they made the list of my friends public, and that even after disabling buzz, that list was still public. I am unhappy with the claims of Google's CEO who says "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place" - and suggests he should make everyone's search history public, so he understands why.

I am unhappy that google stays in China despite their claims not to do so, and that they will be deploying H264 in youtube instead of youtube despite massive feedback from their users.

As I do not trust google's "Don't be evil" anymore, I can't trust them with my emails, discussions, and friends, and am therefore leaving. I only continue to use youtube and search as an anonymous user, as those services don't have a good alternative. My email account went to fastmail, my jabber account too, my RSS reader will be liferea again (and maybe a hosted php app), I'll be posting videos on vimeo or dailymotion, and I'll be dropping google wave.

Farewell :)


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