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Monday Nov 15, 2010

Moving blog...

While OA have plans to move blogs to another blogging engine more integrated into the new web structure (blogging by Drupal module, maybe...) this post is not about that, but a more personal, singular reference. Namely, I'm moving my blogging over here. A number of reasons - it's an excuse to rework a bunch of old postings, saving my tired brain from having to come up with new subjects; it's a chance to aggregate a couple of existing blogs into one place and then integrate all of that with my broader online presence; and it is an opportunity to do the whole thing better, creating a base set of tags that allow my readers (or reader...) to read just posts on particular subjects, whether that be technical, managerial, audio or miscellaneous posts about dogs or motorcycles.

OA blogs will likely continue to have a Planet feed which some or all of my posts will appear on. If for some reason or other an aggregator is not included in the new setup, please come on over. Although some of the initial posts might seem a little familiar...


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