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Friday Oct 17, 2008

First they ignore gvSIG, then they laugh at gvSIG, then they fight gvSIG, then gvSIG win?

Actually I'm not entirely sure ESRI went through the laughing stage, but they seem to have reached the fighting stage. In Spain at any rate. This email circulated on the gvSIG and OSGeo mailing lists:

"Hi all,

I write this mail on behalf of Álvaro Anguix one of the leaders of gvSIG Project (it seems he is more confident with my English than me :P). I've posted his letter in Spanish on my personal weblog[1], and I write down here more or less his thoughts.

As you may know, he works for IVER, the most prominent company that supports gvSIG (aside note, I work for Prodevelop, another gvSIG supporting company). Ok, some coworkers of him went to Madrid few days ago to attend the Annual ESRI Users Conference. Because IVER has customers that use ESRI technology they, as every year, wanted to know the latest "arc-news". Obviously they registered previously and they were confirmed by the organization.

Well, when they tried to register at the beginning of the conference, the Marketing Director invited them to abandon the conference. Even more, the Managing Director of ESRI Spain insisted one of the IVER people that "to talk with customers, better she should go to a café or on the street". Quite annoying and bizarre!

As Alvaro says, why they have this behavior with his colleagues? Maybe they fear FOSS companies?

Anyway, all of you are invited to the gvSIG conf, even to discuss, it's free in both senses ;)

See you"

The weblog (in Spanish) referenced can be found here.

Excluding a company from your conference on the grounds they also work with competing products smacks of anti-competitive behaviour to me. Presumably not allowing IVER staff into the conference reflects ESRI Spain's concerns that their product can't compete with gvSIG and an OSGeo stack. At least not the pricing they have been accustomed to charging; and maybe they have seen previews of gvSIG v2 and realise competing is going to be hard whatever they do with the pricing...


Hi Chris,

Form many years ESRI Spain (or any of the companies around it) have been competing with their own integrators (like IVER or Prodevelop).

That is to say, we used to offer their products in our solutions but when a "big" customer wanted a solution their own companies competed with us getting real big projects by lowing the prizes of ESRI products...

This behaviour has been officially explained and it's on youtube (in Spanish) in the panel at IGN by the same managing director. He argues that they can low the prize of their product at their discretion. Is funny, doesn't it?

So, if now the situation is reversing, because we don't have any fee for the product license as it's free... they have to manage that, but not allowing us to come to their conferences is not the best way at all...

Posted by Jorge Sanz on October 17, 2008 at 09:56 AM GMT #

Hm. Wonder what they did in the end...? Somehow, that tells a lot ;-)

Posted by Anna Kathrin Hodgkinson on October 18, 2008 at 05:21 PM GMT #

Well, talking about Spain, there might be another reason to explain this behaviour. Not only fear or competition, but the national sport in this (my) country: envy

• noun (pl. envies) 1 discontented or resentful longing aroused by another’s possessions, qualities, or luck

Posted by RafaMJ on October 20, 2008 at 07:06 AM GMT #

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