Monday Oct 06, 2008

QGIS imports ArcInfo!

I downloaded some .e00 files from Maproom for my lovely PhD project today. The only possible way of converting these files into shapefiles seemed to be via the ArcCatalog conversion tool (which, very inconveniently, had to be set up and found first...).

First things first: I found this "handy" website which gives clever links to the ESRI website on how to do the above... They did not work, try it out!

The conversion tool worked fine for half the data, the rest just couldn't be converted, no matter how hard I tried, and when I finally managed through the AVCE00 ArcView converter ArcGIS crashed and died several times (surprised?)...

Opening QGIS was a good idea, as this reads the .e00 data without any difficulty. Simply click "Add a vector layer", selecting to show files of all types and adding the .e00 files. Slighlty unexpected, because it doesn't appear in the list of options. But that's about it, otherwise great, problem solved :-)


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