Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

Going Dutch

Nice story here about the Dutch government contemplating on using ODF as their standard in the government and public sector (not to mention making the web developers able to provide documentation available from Dutch websites without resorting to PDF, as by law they must provide documents in an open format).

Going Dutch

Quoted from the link, --A funder of the OpenDoc Society invited Microsoft to join that organization, saying: "This plan is not about Microsoft, it's about ensuring the perpetual availability of data without any obstacles."

Now that people are realizing the need for an open document format, and the ability to easily manipulate it into the next big format in 5, 10 or 20 years time maybe Microsoft will stop whining and support it in their office suite? So far in the Dutch newspapers they have been complaining it puts them at a disadvantage, how this is the case as if they supported it (its possible, plugins already exist that do it) then there would be no disadvantage, oh wait, apart from vendor lock in .


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