Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

Wheel of time

So, Robert Jordan has passed away, and it falls to someone else to finish the last book, with the aid of any notes left behind and Mr. Jordans widow. Now, I stopped reading this series a long time ago, when I found I couldn't remember what happened about 9 thick books ago...

When talking about the story with the new author, it has been found that all the questions that we need answered by this book, are going to be answered in pretty much the same way as we would have done ourselves...

Q.I know you probably can't go too deeply into it, but are there any questions about the story you had as a fan that you will make sure get answered in this final novel?
A.Yeah. Who the flip killed Asmodean? And, beyond that, what's up with Moiraine? Is she alive or not?



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