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Even Accenture say so

Aug 06, 2010 by Chris Puttick

In a press release that surprised me (I'm more used to thinking of them as a .net developing, MS Shiny Partner, if ain't got a 6-figure pricetag it ain't worth nothing sort of a consultancy), Accenture have announced nearly everything open source is just great. I particularly liked the bit that says that increased demand for open source was based on its "quality, reliability and speed".

Specifically in their survey of 300 executives with IT budgets of the very large kind, three-quarters of respondents in the UK and US cited quality as a key benefit of open source, and over two-thirds cited improved reliability and better security/bug fixing.

Good news indeed for those struggling to gain acceptance of open source as an enterprise solution in your organisation. Woot, I say unto you. Woot.

Full article here.


When I was talking to some people from Accenture fairly recently they said that they use Ubuntu a lot to get work done. (I think they had to run it off live USB sticks because of some security thing though :-)

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