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Jul 15, 2010 by Joseph Reeves

Open data in Archaeology is growing in popularity, so I thought I'd write a quick post about it here. We've recently released our latest Open Source GIS application and we're continuing to use as much Free software as possible, we're also part of a movement to make archaeological data free to all.

 The Open Knowledge Foundation has a Working Group on Open Data in Archaeology and their blogs often contain articles on the subject, this one being a good introduction on this topic. Our contribution to the cause is slowly growing, we release as many reports through our Library as we can, but now we've started making tentative steps towards putting the whole archive online, see for example:


Sims, Mike (2008) Buscot Wick Farm, near Lechlade, Oxfordshire. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology. (Unpublished)

McAlley, Rowan (2009) Rushey Weir, Oxfordshire. Project Report. OAU. (Unpublished)

These contain not only the PDF reports, but also copies of everything that was recorded during the excavation and everything that was submitted to the receiving body (usually a local museum). If you want to know what archaeologists do, this is the best way to find out.

 As fair as I am aware, no other institution is putting so much primary data online. I acknowledge that we only have a tiny amount available at the moment, but thanks to the hard work of our archives department this will be increasing in the future. We're open with our software and we're open about what we do with it; I think that's quite nice :)

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