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Announcing our competition winner

Mar 26, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

Last weekend I asked if anyone could come up with a name for the animal bone recording system we are launching; we were "crowd sourcing", which I think is Web 2.0 speak for "getting others to do it". Still, suggestions poured in and OA Digital staff have been getting a little bit democratic, a little bit creative and a little bit etymological; results are ready...

The winning entry was suggested just two minutes after the competition opened, leaving me feeling a little like ITV. Regardless, Jeremy Ottevanger wins it with zooOS.

From our new, ink's still wet, Launchpad project:

zooOS (pronounced Zeus) is an open source system for recording and analysing animal bones found during archaeological excavations. The project builds on the work done in the York recording system and by English Heritage in extending it. Main technologies are PHP/JS and PostgreSQL.


zooOS then, a word with mixed etymology meaning animal bone whilst highlighting the importance of Open Source. Sounds like a Greek god too. Well done Jeremy.

Schuyler Erle's Ossuary was a high scoring contender (I think we're going to use that one for something else); I personally also liked ryts' FOSS-il, Sean Gillies' SQLETONS, and Skeletor, as suggested by both Jody Garnett and Benjamin Kay. Benjamin also came up with BONEDb, which made me laugh; RafaMJ's Zoonecropenis was certainly inventive, but sadly not a winner...

If you're interested in bones (who isn't?) and like Open Source Software (again, who doesn't?), then come by our Launchpad site and see how we're doing. Feel free to get involved! Thanks to all who entered, I look forward to some exciting stuff from zooOS.

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