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Thursday Sep 18, 2008

2.5 Ever onwards, GIMP

Hopefuly I will have time to play with this in the next two weeks, having left SPORE aside I have found a lot of things that actually needed doing.  Now to some GIMPing.

The Gimp

GIMP 3, which is a long long way off, has ambitious UI plans.  If a lot of the proposals are realised it will make a very very user friendly and quickened experience.  For now however a lot of visual changes have been made to the 2.5.4 release; but  itis unstable, as the developmental branches always are, but doesn't seem crash at all on me.

2.5.4 brings about more ergonomics within the UI design - that is the actual look of the beast; the free hand tool and I feel quite importantly for beginners and people wishing to move over an improved help system, which has been lacking!  Brush dynamics have also been developed - quite a lot of minor changes.  On top of this the empty or blank window... window.   GIMP has no single program window and as such has been confusing  for users of modern computer systems as most programs nowadays on all platforms generally open with a blank screen.  One advantage of this blank screen is the ability to start work straight away and to drag and drop.  Drag and drop and the more ergonomic user interface that has been pushed forward in modern computing has hit GIMP.  GIMP now opens with a blank window that can be used to open and create things within or drag and drop.  When an image is opened or created this window vanishes.  Closing your open image will reopen this screen so you are ready to begin afresh.  Closing the main GIMP toolbar ends the program. Colour presets are now in place for all tools and finally GEGL.

Not much showing of this shark above the water.  GEGL integration will happen more so as it continues, this is the first step along the process.  The GEGL engine is a graphics / pixel manager.  It will basically at first enable drag and dropping from any type of colour space - because it will be able to interpret the output pixels.  The GEGL project is quite interesting and it will be nice to see what impact it has upon future development if positive we can well expect the same if not similar technology to start being taken up in other open source products.  GEGL most importantly for now gives GIMP its first 32 bit support upping its competition with propriatory software, such as Adobe products.  I will do a part two on this blog after I have tested it out a bit!

Release Notes

Later notes:  This post has within a period of two weeks become outdated, with the new stable release of 2.6 which I will comment on, just a few notes to add about 2.5 first.


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