Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Open Document Formats

And so OOXML Microsofts Office Open XML document format is now a second document standard as accepted by the ISO.  After much criticism from various bodies and groups it has been fasttracked and passed.  While staying definitively within there own structure many bodies are feeling very much side-tracked and bullied by the ISO.  Because they didn't take a lot of bodies seriously the ISO has ran the risk of appeasing the big bodies at the expense of remaining able to arbitarily accept common views.  The ISO is a large far reaching body and its upsetting entire countries and making them questions its validity will bring a massive change and upset in the world in so many areas or manufacturing and standards across every field.

At the recent Linux Expo IBM's VP had this to say IBM interview.  He feels that OOXML will be left aside, Microsoft has shown a lack of support within their own infrastructure for it and their decision to support ODF in future Office shows that they realise even with their new standard ODF is growing and will be here to stay.  Sutor claims that while the road for ODF is filled with challenges it is also full of opportunity and once again shows IBM's support for the format and open growth and common open standards.

An a positive the Paraguayan Ranger Police Adopts OpenOffice.org and the entire State of Pahang moves to OpenOffice.org:
Paraguayan [Spanish]


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