Monday Sep 01, 2008

Creative copyrights

Safe Creative Beta

Safe Creative is a beta site created for the masses out there to preform copyrighting functions.  Copyright for us in Europe is a simple affair for the average user mail yourself a signed sealed and dated copy of your creative endeavour.  But what about electronic forms?  Such as the ever-more common blog.  As well as electronically published media what about the ever growing market of creative commons.  How can you prove something has a copyleft license without taking full control.  Safe Creative electronically stores and dates your media that you submit and has a bulk register for blogs - although read its fine print blogs are a different form of copyright.

Copyright law basically states that the author has full parental rights to do wish as he chooses.  Allowing others use and reproduce from your work is your right.  Hopefully the likes of Safe Creative can give the average home user this ability.  So far they have only a certain amount of media that they will accept for now - in future they hope to be able to support all forms of creative material.  Don't forget even if you are releasing something as open source it can be good to keep that idea enshrined within it, to avoid a lot of the old arguments that have been eternally used by bigger corporations.  Registering ownership and authorship licenses can put the commoner on a par with the big corps.

Another nifty service it offers is Intellectual Property Certificates that they can issue to show that you do have authorship rights.

One thing while it is a nice idea until it is tested in court I don't know how much power and strength will be behind it.  The legal concept behind it does seem to be simple and sound.

This blog's license

   Safe Creative #0808290039720


I don't understand...
The license you've linked to is simply a CC license; so why not just write that at the bottom of your blog? There's no need to post anything to anyone (I think that's just an urban myth anyway; are there any examples of it actually being done?) and the blogs are timestamped, so you can say when you wrote it, if that's a worry.
Copyright is automatically granted to anything you do, it doesn't have to be applied for. Then you just say that you want it CC3'd and be done with it.
Sorry, but what does this site actually do?

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