Thursday Mar 26, 2009

Last hooray

This will be my final post on the Oxford servers.  As of today I have accepted voluntary redundancy and so will be leaving the company.  Because of this I have been migrating most of my posts to a different server and now, with them almost all up I would like to thank all my readers and everyone that helped out.  I will continue on with libresource at and I would love for people to continue reading.

Anyway thanks for all the entries,


Monday Feb 23, 2009

Live Writer 2 (Installation)

This is part two of my series on Windows Live Writer by Microsoft.  It is part of an ongoing moderately comprehensive tutorial set for Live Writer.  This post is about the installation and setting up of the program.  In my opinion it is one of the weakest areas of Live Writer, with it good point and bad points.

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Monday Feb 16, 2009

Live Writer I (overview)

I have already published a post on Windows Live Writer by Microsoft but with the intention of putting an entire and moderately comprehensive tutorial set for Live Writer.  In that light I present this first (or rather second part) of my Live Writer series.  This post will pertain to the basics about what the program is, where to get it and so on.   The next post will pertain to the installation of the program.

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Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

Windows Live Writer

One of the pieces of software that Microsoft releases freely, Windows Live Writer, part of the windows live suite.  My review of it and seeing where Microsoft is going to?

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Monday Dec 15, 2008

Should the government pay for open source?

If Open source and free software gives everyone the power to create and express themselves in every media, or simply to do things - such as their taxes or in this case design a house - should the government not sponsor the development of freely available software that brings real democracy to the people

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Tuesday Sep 23, 2008

Clean Up

Tidying this blog up.

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Thursday Sep 18, 2008

2.5 Ever onwards, GIMP

The next developers snapshot of GIMP has been released

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Monday Sep 08, 2008


I was planning to have an enthuastic rant about Chrome.

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Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Happy Birthday

To a great one

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Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Open Document Formats

IBM supports ODF.

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Monday Sep 01, 2008

Creative copyrights

Creative copyrights and lefts and other licenses for all...

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Sunday Aug 24, 2008

So then scribus...

Scribus... one of the truly great open source apps but what is it like?

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Thursday Aug 14, 2008

Spread Open Media

What is open media, and open format?  Openness is all good in concept but until we actually distinguish what is open and what is masquearade we are all stuck with possiblities of OXML from Microsoft being the new "open" document standard.

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Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

GIMPing my way along

General GIMP rant with a Grokking the GIMP plug - website / book that is well worth a read for people interested in graphics

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