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I have absolutely no idea who will read this -probably no one until there is something interesting to see -but take this as the start of my committment to digital communication at OA South. When I first joined OA, Dave Jennings would bang on about us being a media organisation. What? Eventually I begun to understand what he meant -'don't think archaeology, think INFORMATION'. We collect data and transform it into something useful -information, which we then distribute via a myriad of means -different media, to the end users. But being in 'meedja' does not realley do it for me and carries a bit of unwelcome baggage. Its now a bit naff. So, I prefer to think of us as a knowledge organisation (that is our primary capability and resource) and a content organisation -i.e. we put together the interesting stuff which goes out on ours and others platforms, web-sites, blogs, forums, books, talks, radio, TV etc. The challenge then is to keep generating new knowledge and to get that out as content -that why digital communication is so important. Sharing our ideas and collaborating on new and innovative approaches to how we work will be absolutely key to building an organisation that will remain relevant in the future, stay in business, keep us in jobs and deliver social value (thats another thing -I see us as a social enterprise but more of that another time).


Someone's reading and agreeing :)

Posted by Chris Puttick on March 29, 2009 at 06:41 PM GMT #

And another :-)

Hopefully digital communication helps us do a better job too, by enabling collaboration with colleagues and making data flow more easily.

Posted by Jo on April 07, 2009 at 07:54 AM GMT #

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