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Synchronising geospatial data in the field: Part 2

Sep 28, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

Juan Lucas posted a really great looking blog entry today, demonstrating the synchronisation of spatial data between three mobile devices. In this example we see gvSIG Mobile running on a FreeRunner, a Nokia 810 and a Windows laptop synchronising data on a WNS server. A PC, running gvSIG, is used to confirm that synchronisation has been successful.

The video demonstrates what's going on:

We were very impressed by this, enough for Ben to provide an English translation of the Spanish subtitles:

1. A PC is setup as a PostGIS server and a gvSIG
client with WMS support. The PostGIS server
exposes all data via a WMS service.

2. An OpenMoko client has a map of Buenos Aires
on it. Juan adds some points of interest to the
map (as a new points layer) and then synchronizes
the points with the PostGIS server.

3. He turns back to the PC, using gvSIG to import
the new WMS table and checks that the points
have been properly synced.

4. He turns to a notebook that is running (soon to
be released) Windows binaries of the latest gvSIG
mobile and has some Yahoo satellite imagery on it.
He synchronizes with the same points table and adds
some new points, as well.

5. Same as 3.

6. Now the same exercise with a Nokia Maemo (binaries
for this platform to be released soon). There is a
problem with auto-refresh of the map in this version,
so he does that manually. Again, he adds some new
points and syncs with the server.

Looks great.


Hi. Thanks Joseph for the post and Ben for the translation :) My boss is in Buenos Aires this week attending a regional gvSIG conference, so I thought these Spanish subtitles were better than an English-only video ;) I've done another one without subtitles - I think the diagram is enough, no?

Juan Lucas

Posted by Juan L. Dominguez Rubio on September 29, 2009 at 11:42 PM BST #

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