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Post-Easter round-up

Apr 14, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

[edit - I remembered some stuff...]

Recent events:

OA Digital at the IfA conference

Last Thursday I spoke at the IfA conference in wet and wild Torquay. The session was titled "'I'm on a train!' New technologies and the historic environment" and was organised by John Schofield of English Heritage. I spoke about the development of our on-site digital recording tools and briefly about some mobile GIS.

The session was very enjoyable; very well organised and attended. Mobile applications within the heritage industry are rapidly gaining importance, as evidenced by the fantastic contributions to the session.

My slides are available in a big pdf here.

Oxford Archaeology at OpenExpo

It didn't get mis-read, then corrected on Slashdot like other stories from Sean Moss-Pultz's OpenExpo talk, but Oxford Archaeology were there. On page 8 in fact. Big thanks to Sean for emailing me about the Expo, including our work in his talk and for letting me know where the slides were hosted.

gvSIG Mobile: More devices and languages

Juan Lucas has created debs and a page for gvSIG Mobile on Openmoko Nokia NX00 devices:

He's also used the holiday period to demonstrate the multi-lingual capabilities of the application:

Evgeny Ginzburg provided Russian and Hewbrew translations of the application. If anyone would like to translate the application into their language, the file to look at is here. Off the top of my head we have; Spanish, English, French, German, Romanian, Norwegian, Russian and Hebrew. Thanks to all the translators who have contributed so far.

I'm sure there was more to report...

But I can't remember it at the moment; I'll have to blog about it later if it comes back to me.


wow, that 8th page is strong stuff!! out of curiosity, do you know what it is and where? (coordinates welcome) regards.

Posted by Juan Lucas Dominguez on April 14, 2009 at 10:01 PM BST #

Hi Juan Lucas,

The site is London Road, Gloucester. There's a brief description here. I thought the book was on Google books, but I couldn't find it; I'll send the link if I ever can. Whilst looking for the book, however, I found this kmz, however.
There's a lot of shape files I could send you ;)

Posted by Joseph on April 14, 2009 at 11:17 PM BST #

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