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Merry Christmas from OA Digital and

Dec 16, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

There are two new releases from OA Digital and that will hopefully interest those from the world of GIS and surveying. Just in time for Christmas, these show that we put our money where our mouths are when it comes to Open Source and Open Data.

gvSIG OADE 2010 Beta

Released today is the beta version of OA Digital's gvSIG 2010 version. Read all about it here:

Despite having the word beta in the title, this is a mature and stable piece of software, although the final version (likely to be released in January) will bring some further polish and improvements. The software is based upon the official gvSIG 1.9 release, but features some heavy tweaking throughout. Checkout the release page for full details and links to the Windows and Linux binaries.

Survey and GIS Manuals

Our Open Data comes in the form of Anna Hodgkinson's Survey and GIS Manuals released through our site. From the project description:

It is meant to supply an easy-to-understand but comprehensive guide to survey and open source GIS, from setting up survey equipment to downloading and processing survey data. The manual is intended for speeding-up, or annihilating the training procedure and providing a guide to survey to field staff in case no professional surveyor is on site. An inexperienced member of field staff should, by following this manual step-by-step, be able to set up a Total Station or a GPS, conduct survey and download and process the survey data, given a certain amount of time.

Today's release sees the addition of GPS manuals and an updating to the TST documentation. An approach of "release early, release often" is being taken, so please make sure to regularly check back for updates an to provide any feedback you may have.

The documents themselves are available through our unglamorous downloads server; I might beautify this at some point in the future.

Download! Be merry!


Already loving the new gvSIG :-)

Posted by Anna Hodgkinson on December 17, 2009 at 09:04 AM GMT #

Hi, Joseph & Anna. Congratulations to Anna for those really nice manuals. I'm sure the gvSIG community would love to hear about them through the mailing lists and they could also be made available from the gvSIG community contributions web page. I hope you're doing well. Regards, Juan Lucas.

Posted by Juan Lucas on December 20, 2009 at 10:54 PM GMT #

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