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Improved OSM coverage for France coming soon

Sep 22, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

I'm really pleased to see that there's going to be an import of the French Corine Land Cover data into OpenStreetMap, not least because it'll instantly make our office location map look a bit nicer.

There's a preview of what it might look like here and further details here (English translation) and here (English translation). According to that final link, the upload will start at midnight on Thursday September 24th, or, for the less chronologically pedantic, at the end of the week.

The Corine program seems to be an EU wide program undertaken by all member states, unfortunately, however, not all states license the data in a manner that is compatible with the OpenStreetMap model, so although France is going to get this boost, we in the UK have to wait. Although I guess I could request a transfer ;-)

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