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gvSIG Mobile 0.1.2 released

Apr 06, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

We're very pleased to announce release 0.1.2 of gvSIG for Openmoko Linux handhelds.

Support for Nokia Maemo devices

The photo's a bit blurry, but you can see that it's working:

I'll create a .deb for it soon, unless someone beats me to it ;) otherwise, download the source and extract everything to the relevant locations yourself. Juan Lucas provides comprehensive instructions here.

Additional spatial reference systems and WMS data providers

We have increased the both the number of spatial reference systems we support and have included additional WMS providers. This allows us to display data that won't get anywhere else, such as complete TIGER mapping for the US (looks very nice), or a map of current worldwide wild fires. If you'd like your local spatial reference system included, or your favourite WMS server, let us know.

Points and attribute support via SQLite

The application now supports writing and reading points and attribute data to and from an SQLite database. Note; we has previously stated that the jamvm dependency was (sort of) optional - cacao would work in it's place, for example - now, however, you must use jamvm if you want to deal with points and attributes as cacao has issues with SQLite.

Language support

The GUI can now be displayed in Spanish, English, Italian (thanks to Luca Bianconi), Romanian (thanks Lucian Pricop), or German (thanks Benjamin Ducke). Further translations would be appreciated! Please download this short file, translate it into your language of choice and send it to Juan Lucas or myself.

Testing Jalimo binaries

The good people at Jalimo have helped a great deal with various elements of gvSIG Mobile on Openmoko; they've released some testing binaries that are recommended for use with this release. Download / install from:

You will probably have to -force-depends, this is normal. Also remember that if your distribution doesn't include the Jalimo binaries in its repo (such as SHR), you'll need to manually add their repo to your phone.

Landscape display on the FreeRunner

Inspired by Juan Lucas' picture above, I wanted my FreeRunner to display a landscape version of gvSIG with the buttons down the side. Use your favourite screen rotating application to enter landscape mode; I did export DISPLAY=:0.0 && xrandr -o 1 then alter /usr/bin/gvsig to read "no" rather than "fr" (both without the quotes) where you see it. The layers screen doesn't quite fit, but it works fine.

gvSIG Mobile on FreeRunner, running in landscape mode, displaying (part of) a WMS layer of wild fires detected within the last 24 hours:

Getting used to all this new stuff!

I'd suggest reading through Juan Lucas' excellent user manual; it contains a good overview of every feature.

Application log files

Are now no longer written to /usr/share/gv-om/ keeping that directory clean and for installed files only.

Sharing map tiles between applications

A lot of people have asked about sharing OSM tiles between gvSIG and TangoGPS; this is easily done in a number of ways. You can edit /usr/bin/gvsig to change the cache location to wherever TangoGPS saves its files; likewise you can do the same via the TangoGPS options screen; finally you can symlink the two together if you've got a half decent file system on your uSD card.

A note on version numbering

Despite being quite a relatively large release, we've given it just a small number boost; the official version of gvSIG Mobile is currently at 0.2 and probably won't be changing for a while - it was decided that we didn't want to conflict too much with this numbering scheme, so we'll stay at 0.1.x for now and see how we get along.

Wildfire WMS layer and Google's Kenyan shape file data:

Downloads and further details

Are available on Juan Lucas' blog or on

opkg install

Loggan's 1663 map of Oxford, georectified and served via WMS:

Note: All my screenshots are very black and white; there's plenty of colourful options, I promise ;) Check out for more.

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