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GEOnet Names Server data for Tanzania

Sep 05, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

Inspired partly by the progress people are making Niger, I wanted to try some data importing of my own; the GEOnet Names Server data looked like a good place to start and I chose Tanzania simply because I've been there before and would rather much like to go back again.

The process is very simple, I followed the instructions here; essentially you download your data, suck out the bits your interested in and use gpsbabel and a filter to produce a GPX file. The GPX file can then be imported as a layer into JOSM and you can manually transfer the points into the OSM database. You don't want to be trying to automate the process, however, as the accuracy of the data within the GEOnet Names Server records isn't all that great.

I produced GPX files for the PPL and PK data - Populated Places and Peaks - although a list of all the potential data types can be found here. Download:


All good fun.

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