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Egyptian Archaeology

May 09, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

I, like most educated folks, used to think that Egyptian Archaeology was all a bit dull; "History of Art derived time lines of Kings and other rich people" I might once have called it. But then I went...

Type 3 Squareback. Gorgeous.

Mk1 two door Passat. Rare as rocking horse teeth.

Mk1 Polo. I really want one.

Mk1 Jetta. Not really doing it for me.

There was also a lot of nice Beetles, although I didn't take any pictures. There was one I would have photo'd, it looked mint, but it drove past. A lot of Mk2 Golfs, one in particular looked lovely on G60 steelies, but I couldn't get a picture (it was on the otherside of the motorway Cairo suburban street), and an awful lot of Bay Window buses in Giza. Shame nobody there thought to buy a nice VW bus ;-)

Only saw a couple of Mk1 Golfs, one nice looking cabriolet (if such a thing exists), although it was driving away from us; in the end I didn't get any pictures of any.

All in all, a successful piece of archaeological fieldwork.

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