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An Ashmolean Odyssey

Nov 24, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

Last weekend I toured the new Ashmolean Museum with my good friend Peter. Unfortunately I was incredibly hungover, which contributed to a sense of confusion I felt throughout; Pete seems to have captured this quite well in his write-up. It would be wrong to say that my state of mind could be wholly attributed to a previous evening of Staff Benda Bilili and export lager, however, as the physical form of the newly refurbished museum often echoes it's website's ludicrous URL:

Can't it all just be a bit easier?

One of my favourite pieces in the nearly finished museum was an enormous coffee table styled map of the Mediterranean region, stretching from the UK in the north west to Iran and a bit beyond in the south east. Whilst admiring that amazing part of the world where Europe, Asia and Africa meet I remarked on how close the UK was. Drivable in fact, given enough will. Just as I uttered these words and waved my hands about a bit we were approached by an elderly couple who told us they had driven a Ford Escort from London to Islamabad in the 1970s to deliver supplies to the British embassy.

It's a shame that my favourite story in the museum walked out of it sometime that afternoon.


You can take the short route via, though. ;)

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