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Sep 30, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

I'm not really a fan of Guinness Book of World Records Archaeology; the biggest this, the shiniest that, the most valuable something else doesn't always tell you much about the past, although it does highlight what people today want to see. Newsnight's coverage of the Staffordshire hoard was awful: Images of the shiniest finds were displayed behind the rolling credits whilst a jazz rework of the Newsnight themetune played in the background. Is that how archaeology appears to a serious news program? No wonder the digtards failed in their bid to petition the PM for statutory rise in the minimum wage for an archaeologist (although I'm still amazed that anyone thought that would work in the first place). Frankly it was all so embarrassing that it should just be put back in the ground and forgotten about; archaeology doesn't need that shiny stuff, man. My good friend Pete had a good moan too.

The website, however, is really nice and certainly the way that archaeology should be going forward. Yes, the link to Birmingham City Council is broken and it all looks a bit naff at times, but the whole thing, including the photos, have been released under a Creative Commons license. This is exactly the sort of thing archaeologists should be doing - don't hoard your research in the vain hope that you can write something awesome about it - provide your results for free to the world (like they do in actual sciences) so that everyone can build upon what you've done and take the discipline forward.

More of this sort of thing please.


Hi Joseph,
Thanks for the comments, hadn't noticed Birmingham CC was broken, I'd cached the footers! Yes, there are issues, but I only had a day or so to get it online. The data will be online (full database entries) as soon as we get them written.

Posted by Dan on October 01, 2009 at 11:20 PM BST #

Funny thing, a verse from the book of Numbers, the core of judaism. See? I was right, Israel is the place to go!

Posted by Juan Lucas on October 07, 2009 at 09:48 PM BST #

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