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39% of UK pubs named on OpenStreetMap

Dec 14, 2009 by Joseph Reeves

It's Monday evening, not the time to be thinking about the pub, so I'll just post up some quick and dirty statistics. The conclusion we draw from these? People are recording UK pubs at an encouraging rate although if you see a pub in the wild, chances are it's not on OSM.

Thanks to everyone that sent me messages in the week to tell me that they'd been adding pubs to the database.

The following pulls out and counts all pubs recorded in the UK with names, as extracted from the database by CloudMade (09/12/09):

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -ci '<name>Pub:' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx

Or about 39% of the UK total. This minor variation counts all pubs, named or not, that are recorded:

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -ci '<name>Pub' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx

Or about 40% of the UK total; all the way from 12 Bar to Zuri:

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -i '<name>Pub' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx | sort | head

<name>Pub:12 bar</name>

<name>Pub:13th Note Cafe</name>


<name>Pub:1901 Bar &amp; Bistro</name>

<name>Pub:26 Smithfield</name>

<name>Pub:2nd West</name>



<name>Pub:3 Tuns</name>

<name>Pub:4 Aces</name><

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -i '<name>Pub' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx | sort | tail



<name>Pub:Zetland Arms</name>

<name>Pub:Zetland Arms</name>

<name>Pub:Zetland Hotel</name>



<name>Pub:Ziggy&apos;s Nightclub</name>




The number of pubs with the word "closed" (incorrectly) present in their name still stands at 33:

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -i '<name>Pub' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx | grep -ci 'closed'

See my first post for the source of supporting numbers.

Contrary to comments on my last blog post, I haven't been getting these numbers wrong by a factor of three. Rather amusingly, if you run the command suggested by my kind commentator, you end up with exactly the same numbers I posted, suggesting that not only was I correct, but the individual accusing me of doing it wrong hadn't actually tried out their suggestion themselves. I think the problem came because my blog was eating the results as I'd copied and pasted them as HTML. Have resolved that above now.

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