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Our Stories

Dec 10, 2007 by Joseph Reeves

From Walter Bender's weekly OLPC newsletter:

Our Stories: Google, UNICEF, and OLPC issued a joint press release
regarding a global storytelling project being orchestrated by Google's
Stephen Cho. The goal of the initiative is to preserve and share
stories, histories, and identities of cultures around the world by
making personal stories available online in many languages. Using XO
laptops, mobile phones, and other recording devices, children will
record, in their native languages, the stories of elders, family
members and friends. These stories will be shared globally through the
Our Stories website (See, where they can
be found on a Google Map.

As a charity with a remit of recording and disseminating knowledge about the past, this project seems to be something that OA should be jumping into, especially considering our commitment to exploring new technologies. The expertise that OA, as arguably Europe's largest archaeological contractor, could bring to the project is vast; this is the sort of thing we need to be a part of.

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