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Free Running

Dec 13, 2007 by Joseph Reeves

Andrew Cochrane and Ian Russell challenge current understandings of movement in, and between monuments, with this short video.

A nice thought producer before Sunday's TAG Phenomenology paper.

Viewing Aleatoric Archaeology

Dec 07, 2007 by Joseph Reeves

Some (very) initial thoughts:

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Oct 08, 2007 by Joseph Reeves

Last weekend I finally watched Daft Punk's Electroma, a film they made, but thankfully don't do the music for. The brief plot: A couple of robots pull up in a robot town and have "human" masks made for themselves, the masks melt in the sun, the robots are sad and kill themselves.

For a blog site based at thehumanjourney dot net, the film seems particularly appropriate; use your imagination and the film is a wonderful work of archaeology. Exploring the human journey (for the sake of simplicity, let's go with "journey" rather than any other word) does not need to be limited to the traditional report, based upon the traditional archaeological evidence. Instead, something meaningful can come from from a different starting place.

All I need to do now is convince the boss to fund an OA short film...