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A proposed method of Prism roll-out.

Oct 31, 2007 by Joseph Reeves

Prism, as it was presented yesterday, is pretty cool, but how could you roll that out for corporate use? We could hardly ask users to download a program to run and configure with URLs and settings. No, typing in an URL isn't too hard for the likes of IT support, but it does take the shine off an otherwise pretty slick package.

Once set up, Prism gives you those nice little shortcuts sprinkled around your computer - what we need to do is find a way of creating those shortcuts without user intervention. Luckily there's a fun little .webapps file extension:


These kick start an instance of Prism and run the relevant pages as a local application. All you need to do is add the webapp file to the start menu and dress it up a little, and you'll have people thinking they're running local programs.

There's only one problem with this: I think most people would benefit from knowing that email doesn't come from some magical application on their desktop, but via a website, that can be accessed at home...

Still, I want to get Prism included on the OA CD, and I think I may have thought of the perfect way of doing it... More to come!

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OA within the Prism

Oct 30, 2007 by Joseph Reeves

Having spent some time now polishing the OA CD into (what I think is) quite a nice self contained unit for all members of staff to peer into the world of OA IT strategy and come out with the tools they need, my thoughts have begun to turn to the other uses of such container applications.

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