Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

The Third Way

Over the last few weeks I have been testing OpenOffice 3 to see if it addresses some of the issues that OA East users have had with OO 2.4. Starting with the early betas, sometimes checking out daily builds, I have now arrived at Release Candidate 2, the last version before the official release. Many reviews have used some variant of 'evolutionary not revolutionary' and I'm not going to better that, so yes, yes it is. Having two pages onscreen side by side in Writer is my favourite simple tweak, but there are any number of minor improvements and several major pieces of added functionality. Don't take my word for it though, give OpenOffice 3 a go when it's released - you will be surprised and impressed (no pun intended).


The revolution is in splitting the apps more (visually) and in ODF 1.2 support. Other stuff is, as you say, more evolution than revolution.

Still be interested in list of the problems encountered. I use the functionality of office suites a fair bit more than the average user and my problems are all in the use of non-standard document formats.

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