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The problem of being illustrator trained....

Feb 02, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Some projects just won't go away!!!  Normally there comes a sad point in every project where you give a project to the illustrators, to do what they will with, butcher it, chop it up, make it look "pretty".

Unfortunately for me that day has buggered off, now I can (malheuresement) also aid in the transition from CAD/GIS to illustrator, with all the headaches that come with it...

 Think of the CV Schmigel, think of the CV... plus the more I can do, the longer I can stay in the Languedoc, I have no intention of going back to Blighty! Mouhahahahaha NO ONE WILL TAKE ME ALIVE.


<ahem>  don't vote Sarkozy


Hello Conan, moving from GIS to illustrator? There was a discussion about that here:

Also regarding illustrator there is still the license problem :(

Posted by Yann on February 02, 2011 at 02:01 PM CET #

Yes, I saw that one cheers! Yes it's either a case of DXFs from auto CAD, or SVGs from GIS. We're still experimenting on a good technique for OA Med, as it appears every feature needs to be to illustrator standard after digitising. And there's me digging my heals in saying GIS and CAD are both necessary, and not to digitise directly in to illustrator if they value any spatial information at all.

As for licenses I let more interested people fight that out, I've voiced concerns, that's all I can/want to do!

Posted by Schmigel on February 02, 2011 at 02:15 PM CET #

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