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How to comment and freedom of speech, American style :p

Jan 25, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Ok THE coolest American I know has just pointed out a problem that I had, and found out by frantically clicking everywhere.

If you click on the article headline the comments appear. You don't need to be registered but it might be nice if you too have been forced in to the tyranny of OA.

And you can write whatever you want. Sort of. In an American freedom of speech way. Yes, you write it, I vet it and decide if what you say is good enough for my minions.. err fans.

I'll ask Joe if there's a way to make it more visible on Thursday, as currently writing this in bed on my HTC wildfire, which really is a lovely piece of kit, being reliable, open source does everything I want and need and the battery lasts days!

Anyway I'm off to Nimes for the day to look at one of the best preserved Roman colossiums in Europe, with me fella :p


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