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Spline to Polyline Lisp (Autodesk Map)

Mar 07, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Greating fellow traveller(s) (not sure who reads this).


There is a "lisp" file (autodesk add on) for trasforming splines to polylines (e.g. if you have received a dwg exported from illustrator)

It's located on CAD on server 1, or samba-1 or whaterver it is this month, and also in the geomatics utilities folder at OA Med.  I know I know Anna knows how to do this and could have told me, but she was incommunicado, there's not may people in at oxford to today who know, so I had to figure it out myself by serious internet research (which took 10 minutes).


- Put the .lsp in to the support folder in the directory of your cad program.
- Open CAD

- Tools, AutoLisp, Load

- Navigate to your lsp and click "Load"

- Voilà, follow the instructions.


I hope you were sitting UNcomfortably :p

Things I like about QGIS 1.6

Feb 28, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Copiapo tells you when there are geometry errors and shows you where they are, it also does this during digitising, so you can correct before you finish the shape.

You can see them after importing shapes also, so you can correct them there too.


Open source GIS, slowly but surely geting better....

Finished model of Four1004

Feb 24, 2011 by Conan Parsons


 I like Roman furnaces, they make me all gooey!!


So it started of from the 3D survey data in CAD, I figured how to digitise sections in 3D, made the file in to a DXF, shipped it over to illustrator, merged sections with survey data more neatly, got rid of the stuff you wouldn't be able to see, got the colours from the site photos.


If only the 3D model program had worked better.. luckily I can use illustrator! :)

10 second French tuition

Feb 10, 2011 by Conan Parsons

If anyone needs help saying the difference between "dessus" and "dessous"(above and below)  I am now able to aid with this basic stratigraphy terminology.



Testing a new approach at digitising

Feb 07, 2011 by Conan Parsons

AKA trying to keep the peace!


Today we're trying something new, with my trusty assistant Ricardo.


As I may have mentioned it seems that every feature needs to be illustrator standard for the reports in France, and there have been instances of entire sites being re-digitised :s


So we (well Ricardo at the moment)are starting a test in digitising each plan individually (as we would in illustrator) but in CAD as DXF format.  Richard is attaching data like normal for CAD, and adding labels for the illustrator (me).  When he's done, the features from this drawing are pasted and merged in to the site plan (where we can GIS it), and the dxf is opened in illustrator and made to look pretty.


The resposables are happy, and my spatial data is preserved.  Simples.... I await much critism


P.S. It's in CAD as Richard is CAD trained, and not so much GIS trained.

P.P.S The same thing but a drawing in GIS and Illustrator will be another test in the future.

P.P.P.S Ricardo says his mouse is too small.  I have declined to comment on the matter

The problem of being illustrator trained....

Feb 02, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Some projects just won't go away!!!  Normally there comes a sad point in every project where you give a project to the illustrators, to do what they will with, butcher it, chop it up, make it look "pretty".

Unfortunately for me that day has buggered off, now I can (malheuresement) also aid in the transition from CAD/GIS to illustrator, with all the headaches that come with it...

 Think of the CV Schmigel, think of the CV... plus the more I can do, the longer I can stay in the Languedoc, I have no intention of going back to Blighty! Mouhahahahaha NO ONE WILL TAKE ME ALIVE.


<ahem>  don't vote Sarkozy

This georectified photo is excellent....

Jan 31, 2011 by Conan Parsons

So, follow up to last weeks rant... (same photographer) when their grubby paws aren't in the shot I get lovely photos that merge up seemlessly at times!  This makes me happy.


I shall not call forth the dark wrath of the geomancers this time.  No, not this time, but soon, yessss very soon my pretty the world shall be ours.............


And no, you're right, I haven't drank enough coffee today.


PPS I think i need a punctuation repair kit at times..

What did you do today, Schmigel?

Jan 28, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Oh, you know, the usual, re-uploaded an entire site's worth of data in 3D, as the 3D shapefiles weren't created in the first place and, surprise surprise, because it wasn't done we actually need the 3D data to recreate a section that was forgotten about....



Fudge, anyone?

Day at Nimes

Jan 27, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Me surveying a Roman tile furnace last year in Provence

Jan 25, 2011 by Conan Parsons

How to comment and freedom of speech, American style :p

Jan 25, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Ok THE coolest American I know has just pointed out a problem that I had, and found out by frantically clicking everywhere.

If you click on the article headline the comments appear. You don't need to be registered but it might be nice if you too have been forced in to the tyranny of OA.

And you can write whatever you want. Sort of. In an American freedom of speech way. Yes, you write it, I vet it and decide if what you say is good enough for my minions.. err fans.

I'll ask Joe if there's a way to make it more visible on Thursday, as currently writing this in bed on my HTC wildfire, which really is a lovely piece of kit, being reliable, open source does everything I want and need and the battery lasts days!

Anyway I'm off to Nimes for the day to look at one of the best preserved Roman colossiums in Europe, with me fella :p

Geo-rectifying, ou les photos géoredresées

Jan 24, 2011 by Conan Parsons

OK. Been pulling my hair out.

I had a lovely collection of photos merged together from 4 georectified photos. Merged them fine, good location, good scale. turned of the labels for the georectified points to find SOMEONE'S LEG SMACK BANG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NEW IMAGE.

So start again Schmigel.

OK that was paritally my fault, I could have ordered the photos differently before merging, BUT the way I had it had the best joins!

People, please I pray you, s'il te plaît, s'il vous plaît, por favor

Keep body apendages (of any description) out of the shot, especially if you're smack in the middle of the feature.

Make sure the tags are equal distances apart

Try and keep the tags as similar in altitude as possible

Keep the camera at the same altitude as much as possible

Keep the camera as level as possible

Try and keep 4 tags in the center of the shot as much as possible

4 tags in each photo, no more, no less. 5 is right out. 3 is also wrong, provided you continue to 4

If you can't read the photo number in the shot, do a sketch plan, or better still redo the photo if you've got time, adding more tags for closer shots.


When was the last time I saw geo rec photos that didn't need insane amounts of fudging? I shouldn't have to be this good at fudging!


Hmmmmm. fudge

Anna's blog that inspired me...

Jan 24, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Salut! Ciao! Hello! Hallo!

Jan 24, 2011 by Conan Parsons

Inspired by Anna (OA North), after not realising how important a transformation algorithm was that I had stumbled in to when experimenting at my laptop with a bottle of red and 20 marlboro lights, I decided to try daily ranting and even some helpful tips for all the world who really cares what goes on... If and when I get time that is... so sit back and enjoy. Well, I say "enjoy..."