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OA Blogs Home | General | Saturday April 28, 2007 | By putt1ck

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Not Everyone Wants To Use Your Software

Hi! on Archaeogeek Sunday November 10, 2019 |

tl;dr For the love of all that’s holy, don’t assume people are using your software because they want to… Preamble I’ve spent some time recently tending to my blog, in the light of feeling like I actually have some interesting things to post about for the first...

Portable GIS version 6

Hi! on Archaeogeek Saturday November 09, 2019 |

After a long delay, I finally managed to put out a release of Portable GIS version 6 this week. You can find it here: https://portablegis.xyz/post/get, and for details of the software versions see the documentation https://portable-gis-docs.readthedocs.io/user...


Hi! on Archaeogeek Friday November 08, 2019 |

FOSS4GUK (https://uk.osgeo.org/foss4guk2019/) came and went a week or so ago, in Edinburgh, and to my mind it was a game-changer for our UK events. This is not going to be a detailed post about how great it was (yes it was great), and how good the venue was...

Going to a codesprint as a non-coder

Hi! on Archaeogeek Thursday November 07, 2019 |

This week I’m in Bolsena at the 10th annual Geonetwork codesprint. Geonetwork is the metadata catalogue that we (being Astun Technology) use to deliver our metadata catalogues, for INSPIRE, and for Government customers. I recently asked if I could join the...

Portable GIS accepted as OSGeo Community Project

Hi! on Archaeogeek Wednesday November 06, 2019 |

I’m delighted to announce that Portable GIS has been accepted as an official OSGeo Community Project! From a technical perspective, this is the culmination of several months work behind the scenes getting the proper code repository set up here, creating the...

moving to gitlab and hugo

Hi! on Archaeogeek Tuesday November 05, 2019 |

I recently decided to move this blog from octopress, hosted on a commercial site, to hugo, hosted on gitlab pages. Why? I don’t care that Octopress hasn’t been updated for a while but I do care that I didn’t understand what it was doing- I’m not a...

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